Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog # 25

This semester has been a relief for me. Not because of the difficulty level, because at times this cluster has been challenging , but because of the coolness of my teachers. I know that sounds like im kissing ass but im really not. All my teachers have been very cool and nice to me. With that being said let me move on to the individual courses.
Louis Lucca’s class has been awesome. When I first walked in I thought to myself this is probably gonna be a shitty class. It’s on a Monday and I think I speak for everyone when I say I hate Mondays but when we started the discussions it quickly became fun and I started to look forward to Mondays. I know that sounds hard to believe but it’s true. Louis made Mondays fun. The discussions we had were very informative. We discussed current events which was good because I didn’t read the newspaper before and that helped me be on top of things. The midterm paper was pretty challenging. Especially considering my chronic procrastination but in the end I got it done. The last hurdle for that class will be the final project which im still working on once again because of my chronic procrastination.
Dr. Rheuban’s was great as well. She wasn’t as lively as Louis but it was a good class nonetheless. Especially if you are pursuing film as I am. I thought the lectures were full of useful information. Although my classmates thought the lectures were bland. The Films we watched during the class were all very good. Once again the midterm paper was one of the more challenging aspects of the class. It took me a while to get it done and the fact that it was assigned at the same time as louis’ paper didn’t help but it is college so I didn’t really complain. The oral presentation was a little hard but in the end I think I did okay.
And last but not least Dr. Smith’s class for which I am writing this essay. I liked this class it was pretty cool learning how to use the internet for things I wouldn’t use it for. Also having a blog I can call my own is awesome. It was pretty challenging because we had to write almost everyday. It was hard for me because I wasn’t really used to typing that much im more of a pen and pencil kind of guy. The films we watched were entertaining and gross at times but overall I had fun not just in this class but in every class . It was a productive first semester and I look forward to the second.

Monday, May 31, 2010

blog 24

Raymond Cajas
Dr J.Smith
Eng 101
The matrix can be evaluated hundreds of times and still one would not fully understand it. Everyone who was part of the evaluation would probably have a different opinion of what it all means. The one thing we can all agree on is that deep down we all want to be in the matrix. The acquisition of kung fu and jiu jitsu skills at the press of a button, avoiding all the work that is required to obtain these skills is something I think everyone would accept without thinking. This is one of the things the directors use to make the thought of being an “enlightened one” sound pretty good. When you want something, regardless of what it is, all you have to do is ask tank to upload whatever it is you need. This idea sounds good because to get these things in real life you have to work and let’s be honest nobody likes work. The matrix makes it so that work is a thing of the past. With the press of a button you can have any object or skill you want. On the other hand sleep dealers presents work differently.
In sleep dealers the institution of work is a little strange you have to get “nodes” in order to plug in to a machine that allows you to do your work from thousands of miles away. This is different from the matrix because in the matrix the things that one works hard to obtain can be materialized instantly. In sleep dealers you work than get paid and you can use your money in any way you see fit. The thing that is similar is the acquisition of skills. We know that in the matrix to get a certain skill all you need to do is ask your technician to upload it for you. This seems to be the same in sleep dealers. It looks as if when you plug in to the machine the skills you need are given to you. When Memo connects to the machine the ability to weld is seemingly given to him. He came from being a farmer to being able to weld on a construction site with no training.
Danahay and Reider talk about the control that machines have on Human workers. We see this on a much larger scale in the Matrix. In the matrix everything you see or feel or touch or taste or hear are essentially being pumped into your head by machines. In other words they have almost complete control over. I say almost because if you desire the truth and if you search hard enough you can escape the control that the machines have over you. On the other hand in sleep dealer once you get nodes your in the system for the rest of your life. In sleep dealers you are given the choice of whether you want to be watched at all times. This choice is what makes these movies different.
The scenario that is presented in the matrix is similar to what Karl Marx wrote against. He said that the people thought that they were working voluntarily but the constant surveillance and the controlling of the hours that people work are say otherwise. This is similar to the matrix because the people think that they are simply living their lives but in reality they are being farmed for their body heat and energy. This is different from sleep dealer because the people have a choice. Although in the end they basically end up in the same situation.
The concept of revolution is presented in both movies in one more so than the other, I agree with Danahay and Reider. I don’t think that the matrix is about revolution, at least not the first one. In the first film you get a sense of revolution as if the characters are still preparing for it. The entire movie is a lesson that is being learned and the fight with the agents at that point of the movie was not really revolution but survival. In the second movie revolution is already in the works and in the third aptly named The Matrix: Revolution it is finally acted upon. On the other hand in sleep dealers revolution is presented and acted upon. The characters of sleep dealer set an example of revolution by shooting the dam down. This is a direct action upon the oppression that the government puts upon the people. Having to pay something around the amount of 60 dollars to have access to water is something that was just begging for revolution.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

blog #22

The Matrix and eXistenZ are both movies that make you think but one of them makes you think more than the other. In my opinion that movie is eXistenZ. I say this because it has a more believable plot. The matrix puts ideas in your head but their a little farfetched, actually their very farfetched. Existenz provides a story that is much more believable. Keeping in mind the technology that is available nowadays a scenario similar to that of existenz seems possible and not very far away. Videogames are getting more lifelike every year I predict that in ten years there will be virtual reality games and not long after there will be games as lifelike as existenz. When you think of the possibilities of future games, not having a grasp on what is real and what isn’t is not hard to believe.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog #21

my plan for the day is to decide what scene i am going to use for my film presentation. I was going to use a scene from "Atonement" but that idea was shattered when i found out we have to use an american film. now my plan is to use the scene when heath ledger dies in "The Patriot" unless i fihnd something better to use. that scene always gets me and i think its a good choice. also today i want to have a definite answer as to what my group is going to do for Louis' final so far we have an idea but im going to talk to my partner(s) about whether we're going to do that or something else. Also i want to finish blogs 19 and 20

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blog #18

today i finished up blog #17. next time i have to go learn how to use movie maker because i still don't know how. also we have to come up with questions to ask the people. also on our own time we have to find people to ask the questions we come up with. also we have to take precautions because this project is going to be a little risky. overall i feel good about this project it's something i actually want to do and the best part... no paper!!!!

Blog #17

This project is going to be fun…I think. We have to make a film or documentary or some other thing that relates to media. Now I still don’t know what I’m going to do but I’m leaning towards something to do with a certain medicinal herb. I asked Louis and he said it was okay so I think I might do that. I know that doing a project on that is probably going to be very generic but I’m going to try very hard to ensure that doesn’t happen. My Project is going to be a documentary called “GREEN CHERRIES”. It’s about people who are “weed virgins”. I know that sounds like it lacks taste but I’m going to try to do it so it actually looks legit. We are going to talk to people who have never smoked before and ask them why they haven’t smoked before and what does the media do to glorify weed smoking and why haven’t they taken the example that Hollywood presents. If we are lucky we will get someone to break their weed cherry on camera. *awkward pause. To do this we will first have to find people who are willing to talk on the subject and get them to sign release forms. After that we have to brainstorm questions that we will ask these people. Hopefully we can get people who are not from this school to answer some questions. For that we will have to take to the streets. I don’t think this will be a problem because if we ask the wrong person we will just say it’s for a school project. The biggest problem, I think, that we will have is putting the footage together using movie maker. I still have to find out how to use movie maker. To do this I’m going to use the resources that the school provides because I probably can’t find out how to do it alone.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

blog #16

Are you or could you be living in the matrix? How would you know?
I think I could definitely be in the matrix. I say this because I find it hard to believe that after the 6,000 years, that some creationism believers think humans have been on earth, or the 200,000 years, that believers of evolution think humans have been on earth, that the technology that we have isn’t far greater. Think about it, the technology that we have now is the product of about 100 years of work and research. What’s a little scary is the weird findings I come across on One article I “stumbled upon” showed a machine dating back hundreds maybe even thousands of years that was very complex and, until it was discovered, was believed to be technology too advanced for the time period. Let’s say that technology started hundreds of years ago. The technology that would be possible at this point might be the technology that we see in the movie. After hundreds of years machines might have developed so much that at